High Definition.

I have a thing against cliches.
" Lie down with the dogs and wake up with fleas. "
" If you love something, set it free. "
But the one thats been playing true to me is
" When it rain, it pours. "

Everything seems to pile up on you when you're down. It seems like the higher you are, the harder the fall. And when you're down, you see your life in High Definition. You see what you're about through-and-through. You understand why you fell, you learn how you can prevent another fall, and you get stronger. If you don't take notes on the lesson then you are bound to fail again. But check it out- bottom line- Don't ever get too comfortable, boo-boo.

I'll add another point to my list of What You Got To Do To Survive. You've got to be able to laugh AT yourself at all times and also laugh TO yourself at all times. Theres something about laughing inside rather than letting it out. LOLIMH. ( LOL In My Head )

The other day, while waiting for the Metro train, an older Indian man hit me with some real talk.
He saw my Pharmacy book and asked if it was my field of study. He began telling me a short story of how he got here from India. What really hit me was this:
" All you've got to do is keep your God and study hard. "
Keep your God... I asked myself what he meant by that. Whether he meant Keep your God happy, satisfied, keep your God close, keep praying to your God, or keep giving to your God.
Whatever he meant, his point was to keep your God within you. He told me the kids that are out there partying with drugs and sex are not going anywhere in life and only bring you down. Study hard. I'm like- this brotha knows what he's talking about! I asked what he does. He's an engineer and has major contracts throughouts southern cali. So I'm giving this man props for dropping Real Talk to a stranger. Knowledge is supposed to be spread like that. If only everyone treated everyone like that, we would know peace out here in these streets.

My last point. Build up a personal library of anything that cheers you up. Books, poetry, movies, YouTube joints, food, etc. Such as...

My new obsession. Katy Perry. Not the songs, just the girl.

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