This Is What You've Got To Do To Survive.

Preface- There is never anything clear about life or the way it is supposed to turn out. All you know for certain is that you’ve got to survive to reach that “point”. The point is the peak of your dreams. There are no two identical routes to achieve that point. Straight up, you’ve got to be like a palm tree. When the wind blows, its koo to sway but do not move for anything. Only bend to pick up something that makes you stronger.

Stay True-Always be the person that you feel is in your heart. There is only one character developing within you throughout your whole life. You should never feel obliged to change it for anyone. Stay true in the sense that you must follow your vision(s). As for the honesty aspect, why should you fear being honest? Honesty is always respected. Stay true. It’s self explanatory, nothing big, hommie.

Passion-Fill your life with a strong passion. Many people live these black and white lives because there is no passion behind their work. But those who follow their passions live with an array of colors that make everyday unique. Feel me? For instance, if you love kids, become a Pediatrician or write children's books. Fight for what you are passionate about. Thrive amongst your passion. And most of all, make sure your passion can make you smile.

Love- I can break down love in 48,000 ways to you. But it’ll be all opinion. You see, no one has a true grasp on its meaning, each of us just knows it. All I can tell you is JUST LOVE!!!! Appreciate it, spread it, cherish it.

Educate- There are two ways to educate yourself. The most important way does not involve any books, historical dates, derivatives, or compounding. Actually, just keep a couple things in mind. The date of your birth. So you can tell these Jive-Suckas YOU WERE NOT BORN YESTERDAY. And the other which I made up: YOU-STREET SMARTS= AIN’T SHIT. What you learn in the streets will take you further than knowing the day Lincoln got shot (April 14th, 1865). You can learn when people are lying to you, how to do things your way, stand up for yourself, and make things work for you. We are middle class brotha’s and sista’s. We are always being lied to. We as a middle class are always expected to fail and remain middle class. That is why it is important to attend college and gain access to a greater acceptance. I’ve always felt like- to hell with their punkass acceptance!! I only need my momma to accept me. I want to earn her acceptance BY PLACING EVERY UNDER SERVED COMMUNITY ON MY BACK. NOT AS BURDEN BUT AS RESPONSIBILITY. REAL TALK.

Power- When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”-Jimmi Hendrixx

Pride- Make yo momma proud. Labor pains, contractions, kicking, pulling on her tubes for 9 months? Just make her proud. Every mother looks into their child's eyes and prays for a respectable, honest man/woman. Give it to her, please. Have pride in your roots, your background, your family, your GOD, your love, your community, and yourself.

Real Talk.

This is what you’ve got to do to survive.


Anonymous said...

This ones' deep as wellll . . I love it & I lovee you !

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Oh that was meee lol DENNiSE<3

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