God Works In Mysterious Ways.

A couple weeks ago, someone broke into momsdukes car and yanked out the stereo. Mind you, this was in a AAA parking lot across the street from Cerritos Mall. I was more infuriated than my mom was. Had we been in a dark street on Crenshaw and Imperial, I would've understood. "Okay, yeah. We're in the hood. Hood things happen." But it happened in Cerritos! And I was mad at people in general until today. Long story short, I had a car problem. On Avalon and 120th. Not only did SIX people stop to ask if I needed help, but TWO people went out of their ways to fix my problem.
Edit: Your radiator hose should not have a tear. Like This.

I learned a very important lesson today and it has nothing to do with mechanics. The good Samaritan told me " God works through people. " I could not agree more.

I am a strong believer of Karma. My mom has instilled in me "The more you give, the more you receive in return." Bess' believe this experience has me



ponyboy said...

word, i think karma's my middle name lol.nice moving picture.

Brey said...

God does work through people and for every win there is a fail. o yea, sorry about your boy Mike!lol

SICKNESS said...