Basketball 101.

So this chump actually thought he could beat me 1-on-1 in basketball. A couple hours later, I became $50 richer and Justin retained his trophy for Fool of the Year.

This is how it started:
Dedantheman: you gonna be the slowest [player] on the football field
Dedantheman: might as well not even tie the flag on your waist. you gonna be tieing that shit exceedingly
iemj4d: bitch plz.. no matter how much i DONT work. i will always be faster than YOU!!

And that lead to:

Dedantheman: if we jogged around a track, i could last longer than you
Dedantheman: your hands will be on your knees before me
iemj4d: nigga you cant see me in anything physical
iemj4d: give it a rest
Dedantheman: BASKETBALL!
Dedantheman: SEE ME ONE ON ONE!!
Dedantheman: $50!
iemj4d: omg dedan
Dedantheman: i got you on basketball nigga
Dedantheman: you KNOW ITT
iemj4d: im full black ur only half.
Dedantheman: you don't know what you're getting into!
Dedantheman: plz call yo girl and tell her what youre getting yourself into
iemj4d: i told her im taking her to red lobster tonight hahaa
Dedantheman: ya'll niigas is eating tomato SOUP out the fucking can!

He only scored 5 points. I played the post for the most part. Drained a couple 3's.
Two Crisp Twenties And A Ten, Thank You.

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