May The World Be Free

The world will soon be ready to receive my talents
And amongst other things, I will split seas [Spit Peace]
In order to make those who believe in me perceive my destiny.
I will forever write the truth that they seek eternally
May the world be free and
Never let the damned devil handle the dirty details of dignity.
I'm going to shatter gravity and bring everybody up with me.
My force will never attract any matter of negativity.
The world is in need of a better reality that
Has not yet been conceived [See where serenity exists in your city.]
May the world be free and
God watch over us for all eternity.

A lot of people ask me where I find motivation for my poetry. Sometimes I'll give a real, deep explanation like "Well I was staring at the Sunset..." The opening line of this poem " The world will soon be ready to receive my talents" came from a Fortune Cookie from Panda Express. I never take these seriously but this one caught my attention. If you're a fan of my poetry, you are aware of the bold messages that I incorporate in my writing. I do have a message for the world and I use poetry as a medium to deliver it. People feel I am a source of inspiration and THAT inspires me to continue putting my heart into every poem. My rhyme scheme is unique because I don't like the "end rhyme" style. Internal Rhyme is seen with lyricists such as Eminem and Kanye West. In this poem, I went for the " EEEEE " (Ready, Receive, Things, Seas, Peace, Free...) When read out loud it makes the words flow right out. And lastly, I used the " God " line last because this poem is what I feel my future will play out as and in the end [of my life] I want to have reached God.

Thanks, You.

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