Currently Looking Forward To:

Space Jams. Back when I was into shoes, I was always on the look out for a pair of crisp Space Jams. It's all good, now I just have to wait till late November to camp out for hours due to the amount of hypebeasts in Southern Cali. Middle Finger to all you size 9's out there camping in front of Proper and shit.
Morrissey concert at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. December 4th. Where my Moz fans at?
FIFA 10. I've gotten waaay to competitive with this game. I don't like Madden anymore and no one can beat me in Fight Night so I've gotten hooked on Fifa. I hope the new one has Costa Rica.
Out October 20th.
Dr. Dre's Detox. Aren't we all?! I've been hearing so many rumors about artists collaborating on different tracks-shits driving me CRAZY! Just give us ONE track ANDRE! I feel like a damn crack fiend. "C'mon, baby! Just oooonne! It's alll I neeeeeed!!" I do appreciate Dre actually taking time to produce a HIGH quality album, just like Eminem. Other artists out here think its necessary to put out garbage every month with bullshit Mixtapes and collab's with trendy artists (Wayne, Jeezy, Drake...) You have to take in consideration that Dre's son recently passed away. I think Dr. Dre is soo far beyond anyone else in the game. Far more mature. I mean Jay-Z still talking about selling cocaine on his 10th album! Word, jigga? Wooord? Respect, Andre. [No release]
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I mean daaamn, how much realer can they make this damn game? The next step is to just enlist yourself in the mo'fo' Navy or some shit. Soooo much time will be wasted due to this. I can get emotional, especially when someone Knifes me before I knife them. You know what I'm talking about. [November]

Monster Massive 09. You can catch me wilin' out dressed as a Star Trooper from Star Wars. [Halloween.]
Eminem's Relapse part 2. Enough said. [November.]

And also, I AM looking forward to the next college semester. The feeling of completing all your classes with good grades is such a good feeling/relief. I feel like Rocky Balboa racing to the top of the stairs.


Mr. Binford said...

space jams got pushed back to dec. 23rd sneakerhead and yo boy dre got beats but lyrically he aint up there with the greats like big jay nas and yo boy em couldnt crack that 10 hottest mc list but whack ass gucci mane did i think yo boy em might be losing it and lets be real the reason you dont like madden anymore is because i was serving yo shit on a consistent basis and i didn't even own the game or system weak shit.....

boogie out


J.Ford said...


tell 'eem agAIN ma brotha."

you stop spendin all yo time bloggin and go soak up some of that knowledge davon is spittin over there.

Kevin Lonh said...

Haha, "Middle Finger to all you size 9's out there camping in front of Proper and shit."