This post is in response to a large number of girls taking shots at guys on facebook/myspace talking about "all guys are players/cheaters/pigs/etc..." I'm going to try to be unbiased with this post.

If you act like all you have to offer is sex, that's all we can use you for. How can we appreciate you as a woman if you don't carry yourself as a respectable woman? It's all about the way you portray yourself and what you choose to portray. If you have 400 pictures on your myspace photo albums and 970 pictures on facebook, all of them showing your tits & ass, sexy poses, caked up eye shadow, bra shots and shit like that then how is a guy going to be appreciate you for your mind, your true value? To me, it shows that your mind is translucent.

Girls are so quick to cry and shit when they get cheated on but never bother to ask what the cause was. I would say 95% of the time, guys cheat because their girlfriends aren't stimulating either their physical or mental needs sufficiently. These girls out here care too much about displaying their relationships of facebook/myspace that they think that thats what the relationship is for. Know what I'm talking about? A relationship should not be for the sole purpose of "bigging" up your own personal image. Shit like that just weakens to person advertising it. It shows how weak your heart really is.

No one should ever be able to break your heart. I believe Religion and Family bonds lie within your heart so if you're constantly putting it out there RAW for someone to stab it, what happens to your religion, your beliefs, and your bonds? Does it shatter into fragments as well? You see, what I have a problem with is everyone saying God and Family come before love and everything in general yet become sooooo depressed and emotional when the love/feelings aren't reciprocated. Feel me? My heart will truly be broken when God stomps over to me on some "Dedan...you're a real good guy but...I don't love you like you love me." Same with my momsduke. You know why? Because there is only ONE of each. No replicas, duplicates, nothing. If a girl doesn't love me back then FUCK IT! There's a cool BILLION more on this planet and it will be a fun adventure to find one that's 100 times better!

Love is a currency and we are all Billionaires so don't trip over ONE lost dollar.

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