Day Boogie's Weekly Wisdom Vol.1

"Yo, I've been hearing a lot of disrespect coming at my nigga Kanye [West] for that 808 & Heartbreaks. Muthafucka's ain't gettin it, that shit is potent like tropicana pink lemonade at AmPm 64 ounces. Man that shit is deep like emo hip-hop. Shit I guess you gotta be heartbroken to feel that shit cuz Kanye told me "Welcome To Heartbreak" and I was like my nigga I'm already there and been there for a while. But muthafuckas should be feelin it anyway cuz its good music man...P.S. For my "good niggas" out there remember girls are just like sea gulls. They sit back and plot waitin' for the perfect time to swoop down and shit on niggas. haha And another thing for all my good niggas: Don't worry, our time will come soon and we will be appreciated and taken care of like my nigga Jay-z said "If you don't give me heaven I'll raise hell, till it's heaven!" "

"Its so crazy I got everything figured out But for some reason I can never find what real love is about No doubt Everything in the world figured out but I can never seem to find what love is about."

Davon talks a lot of BS but he eventually says something that is meaningful. He recently said to me "Girls are just like seagulls as they sit back and plot, waiting for the perfect time to swoop down and shit on niggas". This struck me as true, whether they do it knowingly or unknowingly. Once you get too familiar with love, anytime is a perfect time. So I'm out here lookin' sick with a bunch of bird bombings all on the top of my head. Real Shit. [Pun intended]

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