I've Always Been Bothered.

By teenage girls picking up drinking habits. Not only is it unattractive, but it is also stupid. Girls these days haven't realized that guys go to parties with the intent of approaching and apprehending a drunk girl. "My nigga its finna be a party crackin' tonight and it's finna be a bunch of loaded skeez!"

I don't really say anything to my friends who post asinine pictures of their drunken episodes. I just shake my head. I mean, what would drive an 18 year old girl to pound Bud Lights and Jagerbombs? I guess what bothers me most is the thought process behind it.

"Hey! Lets all go out tonight, get some drinks, get absolutely drunk off our asses, throw up, spew out our guts, pass out, and wake up in a strange place with a hangover."

I've always been aware that public schools only have the goal of producing average students. The malicious forces outside school/after graduation pressure us to become less than average people and continue the cycle. If you are around drinkers, you are most likely around smokers.

Clubs such as The Fiest or The Heist. Whatever that shit is. Shaking my head...
And if you spend a bi-weekly check that you get from a part time job to pop bottles at a club, then leave in a '96 Explorer, rethink your life.
And if you feel stressed out because you decided to get it crackin' at The Heist instead of study for your college finals, then get mad at the instructor for being an ass, rethink your life.

Theres more to life than passing out and polluting your body. I remember hearing adults say "your real friends are the ones who tell you what you don't want to hear." The friends who watch you destroy/ruin your life/body are not for your benefit. I don't know how to feel about seeing my peers wasting their lives. One, these are my friends. Two, these are the people making it easier for me to get into USC and get a fly-ass job. Three, these are the jackasses that think they can drive after 24 Red Bulls and Vodkas. 4, these are the people who make me watch over my little homies and make sure they stay on the right track.

I, in no way, promote that stupid club. I'd rather spend my friday nights at the Senior Citizens Bingo and win some cash.

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