While my phone is buzzing and ringing, and my laptop lags due to the amount of IM's I'm receiving through AIM, I write this.
Today is my 19th birthday. Although it is not as significant as turning 18, it is very much important to me. I don't know how I can top my 18th year of being alive. I graduated High School, started college, started driving, fell in love, had _ heartbreaks, wrote a lot of poetry, started a kickass blog and met a lot of new people. (Few other things I can't publicize) How can I top that?
I can't say I'm more mature now for I've always been more mature than my age. However, I have become alot wiser. "Without struggle there's no room for progress" is a saying that sums it all up.

I don't really ask for anything for my birthday. I see it as today is a special day for my mother and myself. I feel obliged to provide her with a nice little token of my appreciation. I am very thankful for my friends who typed up the text message at 11:59 and sent it right at Midnight. [All 42 of you]

There's not much I can ask for, so my wish will be for someone other than myself. For someone to bring me a Pastrami Cheeseburger and Root Beer from Tam's!

So now I'm 19. When I turn 20, I'll update you on what I learned and obtained as a 19year old. I plan on beating Davon in Madden alot more often, stepping my poetry game up, and buying a new car. We'll see wassup.

Dedan Kevin Hedrick, January Nineteenth, Nineteen Ninety.


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ponyboy said...

damn 42 people thas alot haha.i gotchu on that comnbo from Tams nigga