Beautiful Hip Hop.

Every now and then, I'll post up some true hip hop songs which I feel to be a true masterpiece in many aspects. I wasn't sure which to start this off with, so since this song randomly came on, here's the first one:
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony/ Tha Crossroads.

This is just a real laid back track on a real emotional subject. No mention of bitches, weed, blasting gun, lowrider or hoes. I mean, they're speaking about close friends and family passing away, judgement, and "livin' in a hateful world". Even if you don't pay attention to the lyrics, the beat is very mellow. This song was not made for the Pop charts.

"God bless you working on a plan to Heaven/ Follow the Lord all 24/7 days, GOD is who we praise/even though the devil's all up in my face/But he keeping me safe and in my place, say grace/For the case to race with a chance to face the judge/And I betcha my soul won't budge/Grudge because there's no mercy for thugs/Oh what can I do it's all about our family and how we roll..."

Eazy-E signed these cats in 1993. In 1995, they released E.1999 Eternal. This was the same year Easy-E died from AIDS.

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