Day Boogie's Weekly Wisdom Pt.3 Vol. 1

"I know I always say 'good niggas don't worry our time will come soon when we will be appreciated and taken care of ' but real shit, good niggas can't win in this world. My theories have been persuaded by movies: The only time good niggas triumph are in movies. In real life, good niggas always get the short end of the stick while these do-dirty niggas run wild and these stupid girls love these niggas. Girls love having to worry whether their man is out cheating on them again because it probably already happened. They love that shit! ...Girls really don't like the good niggas.

One thing every good nigga has in common is heartache/heartbreak. Out of all my homies and relatives [there are] only 4 good niggas: Myself, Booker [cook coke crrrrracccck], Brandon, and the lil' homie Dedan. We have all been hurt but I jumped in that pool head first fresh outta the jacuzzi and Dedan just put his feet in it to see how the water felt haha. Basically I have lost faith. Good niggas can't win unless they're on the movie screen so if its not to late for you, I highly suggest you change your ways. I'm pretty sure you know some do-dirty niggas so go have a chat with them and see what they do differently and study them because don't shit come out of bein a good nigga but pain.

So to all the niggas that still have time 2 change: go grab Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt, go to track 12 "Cashmere Thoughts" and Jay says " lifes short so play hard and stick hard and the only time you love 'em is when yo dick hard" because these do-dirty niggas know the way and they're winning. ...Kanye and I are left with 808 and heartbreak. lol"
Boogie out!

Here's my take on Davon's message. I've always felt our generation has an extremely loose idea of what love is. "We're on each other's top friends, number one. So that means we love each other." There's no more love at first sight. What has exonerated this cliche is Love at first text.

We fall in love with looks. Our idea of beauty is purely physical thus we fall in love for the wrong reasons. Men mistreating women is ubiquitous in our day. The solution lies within the actions women take when seeking the best for their heart. And I can't tell you what that entails.

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