Day Boogie's Weekly Wisdom Vol. 1

I've seen a lot of shit go down in my 21 years of living and I realize something: Nobody has their bitches on lock like my latino brothers haha I mean some "do dirty niggas" be havin they bitches on lock but the latinos be havin it on master lock with the key and no duplication. I mean through the cheatin' and beatin' the girls are still there and don't let a baby get into picture [because] that's guarantee lock up for life. Even the girls that don't think they on lock are on L's cause that scum bum nigga is gonna be apart of her life 4ever. It's ludacris but I ain't hatin I tryin learn and see how a good nigga like me don't stand a chance and these scum bums always winning I guess that's just life and the unfairness of it.
Boogie out!!

Please take note of this mans wisdom. You may remember Davon "Day Boogie" from my "Nice Guys Finish Last" post. Real Talk.

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