We All Get Into A Rut.

Life after high school is a very important transition. There's no way to prepare for it. There's no way to predict 3 flat tires and a babymama. You can try to save $50 a week for "Emergency Purposes Only" but honestly, 18 year olds can't save shit these days. A bi-weekly check from a part-time job barely suffices. I know the majority of my readers come from the same background as me so what I'm speaking of is relatable to many of you. We all find ourselves in a rut. A temporary struggle. Whether it's failing a class, multiple traffic tickets, babymama drama, heartbreak, or all of the above, the hole may seem too deep and the light may seem too far away at times but the best thing to do is to remain optimistic and take each obstacle one jump at a time.

My Pops recently said to me "It's normal to find yourself in a rut every now-and-then. As long as your know your goals and dreams, you'll find a way to get there."

In order to grow, one must acquire new lessons and learn how to apply these harsh teachings in real life. In the midst of stress and all that mess, always be thankful for each of your blessings. There's always someone who has it 10times worse than you do.

I don't feel like explaining why music can help you, no matter which situation you're in. Here's whats currently on my playlist:

Jay-Z-Feelin' It
Biggie-Everyday Struggle
Kanye West-Spaceship
Eminem-8 Mile
Tupac-Keep Ya Head Up
Tupac-Better Dayz
Tupac-Me Against The World
Miles Davis-Blue In Green

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