My Extras.

Woorrd? I would never let my daughter model up for some damn Chlamydia awareness ad. These trains are running all through L.A. everyday. If I ever see this chick, I'm yellin' out "AYO! AIN'T YOU THAT CHLAMYDIA GIRL?"
FIIINALLY! I've grown tired of tests and applications that don't give me the damn option of MIXED or BIRACIAL. It's always HISPANIC (NOT BLACK) OR BLACK(NON HISPANIC). I always put BLACK if I don't get the MIXED option.
For reaaaall, homie? You decided to rock those laney-ass FAKE Dub-Zeroes? It looked like they were lasered with Crayons and shit. I've seen better leather at the 99 cent store.
I can only eat at restaurants that have A's posted up. If it's anything else BUT an A, I can't sit comfortably because I keep thinking about why they didn't get one. I recently ate at a Mexican restaurant that had a B and I kept scoping the rice and beans for a bug or strand of hair. They should have a checklist of all the criteria met and unmet posted next to the sign.

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