How could I say "yes" to her, without first saying "yes" to myself?
The monument that was falsely constructed out of unreciprocated passion has been torn; the foundation stands yet it is not grand enough for the structure set to replace.
There is another vacant space unoccupied by wilted feelings with a sign from the owner that says "Yes!"
I have finally been liberated from the cluthes of a beautiful unknowing pseudotormentor and now I can breath and when I exhale, I can believe in YES!

Give up your seat for the women on the bus.
Hold the hands of little children who are lost in this generation.
The world can be an ugly place when the devil is the conductor of your train.
The way you hold the door open for strangers angers demons.
Donate a dollar to the decrepit homeless, conscience of the temptations that lure you on every corner.
Who grabs your outstretched hand?
We love to reach for open hearts.
The world can be a beautiful place when peace is the constructor of your brain.
When you share a meal, somewhere in the world a fire burns out.
Turns out, those good deeds feed and nourish those in need of the sweet water you drink.

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J.Ford said...

Re; Untitled.

yea, please.
be free and explore.
learn and listen.
there is soo much to feel that your fingertips have not touched, that your nose has not smelled. that your tongue has not tasted. I am happy for you. forgive me if i have mistaken the meaning. but by letting go anf continuing on, you will grow. I want you to grow. PLEASE grow. for when you do, Nigga you better not forget me. kause i will be at yo mutha fuckin doorstep with my hands an mouth wide open lookin for a handout. hahah.
but serio. GROW my young brotha. GROW!