Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery.

There's never a day that I go without listening to music. I have a bunch of Pandora stations playing through my iPhone in my car, while I'm at work and while I'm studying. There's been a lot of new music that I'm feeling (OFWGKTADGAF, Florence+The Machine, Kid Cudi) and I'm always staying true to 'Pac, BIG, Em, The Smiths, Nas... But lately I've been zoning in on the feeling of complacency that Bob Marley creates throughout each song.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, go put on "Is This Love" and TELL ME YOU DON'T START BOUNCING YOUR SHOULDERS AND/OR CLAPPING YOUR HANDS! HAHAHA that shit is me! How many of you have never sang "Jammin'" outloud in your best Jamaican accent?
Bob is the perfect remedy to those who are DONE with this weak-ass "rap" playing on Power 106. Bob doesn't have any lame punchlines, doesn't talk about getting pussy, he's not about ballin' out, know what I mean? If he was walking today, he'd never be courtside of any NBA games, no fuckin Super Bowl Halftime show, none of that shit. I swear, he was all about LOVE. No one can tell me Bob Marley is dead because no artist can make me feel the way he can. Everything is OKAY when "No Woman No Cry" is on, it's like- fuck ALL the pressures, the midterms, 5-page essays, all the pharmacy math, just everything. Listening to Bob Marley helps me write my poetry with a clear mind and keeps me on that thin line from completely dropping my Pharmacy career and just WRITE.
Emancipate yourself from Mental Slavery. This to me means keep all that is real and natural within yourself in your head, don't let anyone else tell you how to feel and don't let anything unneccesary influence your personality. Everyday you're going to encounter someone with a different attitude than you but you must not let it affect you or the way you're going.
Listen to more Bob Marley.
"In this bright future, you can forget your past"


Island-Barbie said...

I totally feel you. When ever I want to unwind, Uncle Bob... The Legend! is the greatest. you should also listen to some Beres Hammond. my personal favorite "turn your lights down low" ;)

Anonymous said...

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Jackie Smith said...

I understand. Music is powerful and it can influence my mood in such beautiful ways both terrible and good. Its dangerous.