The other day, in waiting in line for twilight at the Grove, I sat behind this group of girls. Had to be 17, 18. I had no problem with their immaturity and stupid ass giggling but what finally pissed me off-this gay couple walked past us holding hands and these girl waited until they passed to look at each other and say "that's disgusting."

All I could do was shake my head, mainly because it wasn't their fault. I don't know their religion, don't know how they were raised and stuff like that so I couldn't really blame them. What disturbed me the most was the word "disgusting". That is the picture that the media and politicians have painted for us, for many in my generation. We have come to believe that two people in love is disgusting. We have come to believe that the plight of a particular group is disgusting. We have to come to believe that labeling and prejudging is still tolerated only if it is aimed at people different from us. None of this sounds acceptable to me yet here I stood, listening to my contemporaries perpetuating the cycle of hate and prejudice. That is disgusting to me.
When i hear this type of shit, I can only imagine what the whites would say when they saw a black marrying a white woman years and years ago. They wouldn't say "disgusting" under their breath, they would do something much more horrible and graphic for me to even put into words.

What disgusts me is the Bloods and Crips killing each other every day.
What disgusts me is all my high school friends getting trashed and drunk damn near every night.
What disgusts me is the "History" that we all were taught in high school.
What disgusts me is the amount of mislead teens, everywhere I go.
What disgusts me is the current idea of "love".
What disgusts me is Two girls, One cup.

I can understand if Homosexuality bothers you or you don't agree with it. Does that give you the right to announce that shit? And nobody can ever explain why they are so against homosexuality either! I say I hate spinach because that shit tastes nasty! I say I hate Ford Mustangs because the quality is incredibly inferior to Chevy.

If your argument against Homosexuality is that it goes against your religion, then JUST DON'T BE GAY YOURSELF! Your don't go against your God by being straight however you DO go against your God by spreading hate. Don't be mad because other people are defying YOUR religion.


heavy jay said...

i agree with you 100 percent my boy..live n let live que no? everyone wants to point at everyone else's flaws when they should just be happy that they are alive to witness them

paulrussel said...

It's rather unfortunate the degenerative effect Americans' permisiveness has produced on its citizens. No doubt, people have the right to make their choices in life and so do the consequences that go with them. Did you say " against their religion"? What's religion anyway? Did God invent it? Is it God's idea? Do you know or what do you know about it? Oh! What's wid this God thing I am inking about? Well, sorry may be you don't believe in such make-belive ideas "religious" people spread around.But I wish you live in my country may be you would have believd differently or thought differently. You don't know the world you live in pip. You are only on one side of it. And as such your mind has picked just how much has been presented to it or just just how much it has been exposed to. Homosexuality in its very nature is very unatural. I don't need religion to tell me that. Nor do I need science to explain that. When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. So i realized. And more sad is the truth that we never ask the right questions with the motive to know the truth. No. Rather we pose as knowing all things and justify our behaviour especially wen it cuts our judgements, leaving it threatened with death. Justifying homosexuality or excusing it does not and will neva make it right. God help you cos you don't know what haunts you.