My Extras.

I'm tired of this JACKASSERY! It doesn't make any damn sense to me! The driver knows what side their gas cap is on so why not pull into the corresponding pump? These are the type of people who kept coloring outside the lines in Middle School and shit. They can't match A to A or B to B. They know it's an inconvienence and struggle to get the pump over their car and reach to the other side but they do it anyways. Maybe because they don't want to be embarrassed by getting in their car and driving to the right pump. Assholes. I wish the gas companies would make the pumps ONE foot shorter.
This is why I LOVE Los Angeles! Bacon wrapped hot dogs con TODO! Always on the cheap too. $2 straight. You don't wash this down with a juice or water. It's GOT to be a cold ass COKE! Always ask for the plumpest wiener.

Yeah, I'm 20. I still get down with the Gerber Banana and Strawberry. So What?
Sometimes when your momma doesn't want to cook or whatever, just pop a Stouffers Lasanga in the oven for an hour and you'll be gooood. Plus the leftovers are good for a couple days. I can eat Half of a Party Size myself, so shop accordingly.
Why I hate fast food joints. They always give me 70% ice, 30% drink! I should not have to state "NO ICE" or "EASY ICE" for me to enjoy me damn drink! Damnit! It's like, I ordered a SODA because I wanted soda! Not a cup full of ice with a little bit of soda. C'mon, son! It's bad enough my burger is looking sloppier than Tracy McGrady and my fries are cold.


Anonymous said...

Nigga, shut the fuck up! All you do is complain.

J.Ford said...


Dedan K. said...

60% complain
40% hating