Oye, Comprade!

If there's one thing I respect most, it's a hustle or grind that is in some commendable. This does not include slanging grass/rocks/Bootlegs; I'm talking about being self efficient and putting meals on the table and a providing for a roof over your family's head.

It is well known and documented that The Home Depot parking lots are host to many Hispanics looking for work: Day Laborers. These are men who are willing to go to your home or construction site and do whatever work is needed from carpeting, tiling, roofing, sanding, gardening, plumbing, etc... They do it all without the formal training/certification and they do not ask for high wages. It's just on-the-spot "What do you need, how many of us do you need, and this is how much."

These men sit on the curb or on the beds of trucks just posted up until someone comes in need of some help. I can respect that because many of us sit behind a computer screen every now and then looking for some part time job...or ask for someone to hook them up with a job...or complain about the job we have now...or scrounge off our parents...or waste financial aid checks on bullshit. They actually sit under the sun all day, 7 days a week-posted until Home Depot closes.

Despite the lack of education and language barrier, they are the hardest workers in all of California. Say what you want about them being illegal but I find that to be an ignorant argument. I hate that term and it's not because I am Hispanic myself, but I find that for an honest family man to be considered illegal in this country is ludicrous! What happened to the "Land of Opportunity"? I guess it turned into "The Land of stealing oil and bombing for the Opportunity to triple profits of private companies".

When I see myself working as a Pharmacist, the only difference I see with this man is that I'll be wearing a white lab coat with my name "Dr. D ".
He has a family, he needs to eat, and my man is getting every noodle out that cup! In order to lead the sheep, you've got to be a wolf. If you're studying 2 hours a day, and your classmate is studying 4 hours a day, who's going to get the better grade? You see, my man got the steal-toe boots on because he's well prepared and equipped. 75 cents for that cup of noodles while you pay $5 for your Subway. Don't sleep.
Oye, Comprade! No te duermas!

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