Extravagant Iridescence Golden.

She takes me back to the firstest of grades. 
Two ends forever knotted. 
True friends never forgotted. 
Intangible hearts felted. 
Love lit, candles melted. 
Waxed hands forever holded. 
First beauty in the form of clay molded. 
Extravagant, iridescence golden. 
Times we were together
And photos I don't remember.  
Genuine words shared and meanted; 
An Incomplete sentence
Love love, Passion blended. 
Time line with lost dates. 
Extravagant iridescence golden
Always-burning-Never-ending wicks
I love you, clay candle sticks 
Burned yet never melted
Sunshine, blind fates. 
She's the greatest phrase and I'm an incomplete sentence without a page. 

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE it..

Truly iridescent<3