Pacific Coast Highway.

I recently met someone who, through an amazing perspective on life, restored my sanity and optimism on life. Had to be about 45, a real estate agent in Long Beach. Through his hard work and perseverance, he's able to take off work whenever he wants, he just bought this bike and cruises all along California's coastline admiring everything there is to see along PCH.
It's just refreshing to see someone appreciating natural things that can never be taken away from us. Amidst all the midterms and essays, bills to pay, you can turn your head one way and see the mountains or face the other way and see the beach.

I don't even like the beach. I hate sand, I hate that sticky feeling you get after you leave, I hate all the nasty debris IN the sand but I would rather hear waves crashing than our Los Angeles traffic. The beach seems to be the best place to find some focus. It's not all about showing off an attractive body, tanning or whatever.

But I want to see more of my friends appreciating what's around us. Go hug a tree or something. Sit on some grass, drink Chamomile tea.

On a side note, a beautiful girl once made me some smooth ass Chamomile tea and brought it to me before 1st period. I didn't appreciate it then as much as I do now. (Thanks, ElizaBeans.)


Island-Barbie said...

*smile* Take a Vay-K here in J.A. you'll love it!!!

Como rentar un apartamento said...

You found some wonderful new treasures enjoy them my friend ~Love Heather

Anonymous said...

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