Do you remember that day we went out for breakfast? Our favorite cafe in Long Beach, you loved Mom and Pop shops, I loved Saturday mornings with you, a hazelnut latte, and pancakes. Our seat in the corner, no need for menus, they knew our "regular". My favorite thing was going to sleep Friday nights, knowing that in the morning, I'd be a Regular with a beautiful woman. Seeing you softly blow onto the latte that we shared was more interesting than every single headline in my newspaper, you were my current events, better than the Classifieds and the Calender section. I read the article of you over and over, never ending.

There was that one day where a wasp landed on our table and startled you, I said they don't sting. It wouldn't go away and I laughed. It buzzed near my ear and you laughed. The waiter was scared. I told you it's attracted to me because I'm sweeter than honey and leaned in to kiss you.

I tried my best, and I'm glad you didn't notice it, not to look scared. I was smiling but inside I was shitting bricks. This was my first chance to show you I was brave and hoped it would go a long way. I want to be honest now. I didn't want to look like an idiot with a rolled up newspaper trying to kill it. Part of me wanted it to linger closer to you to use my bare hands and save you. You laughed at me and I finished my pancakes a little faster. After paying the bill, as we walked to the car, you held my hand just a little tighter. You knew. You knew I was scared but didn't say anything. Your kiss that day felt more significant; I loved you more.
This is a short, fictional story. I just felt like writing something like this.


Brother Adam said...

Would you kindly spread the word of my holy blog please or simply follow me throughout my tales? I’ll return a favour, by spreading the word about your blog in any way possible. I will also give in a good word about you to the man himself.

Many thanks

Brother Adam.

Tanya Nicole Anderson said...

I enjoyed reading this. It put a smile on my face Wish it was a true story. I like the idea of a guy feelingsomekindaway about his girl. Sweet story. Makes me want to read more about these two.

Island-Barbie said...

You're a great writer... wish the story was true! but I can see y its fiction: *its hard 2 find guys like that these days* they're so macho and insensitive. #smh

Bluelesc said...

Nice !!!!

QuaLity said...

Call it fiction all you want...I was leaving the restuarant with my girl and a wasp flew in my window as we were pulling out. Now understand that I'm terrified of wasps and hornets and such. I parked the car and sprinted back into the restuarant! It wasn't the bravest move but the laughs we had about it brings us closer even today!

Anonymous said...

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