Can I hide from this world
Like a diamond rock blurred somewhere in the dirt
Or other precious jewels still unknown and unheard,
Unstirred until "discovered" was the word.
These thoughts seek the darkness
And she provides support for them, a colorless harness in her ways.
And my days remain filled with the colors of the night.
Dark greens, dark blues and dark reds
And the stars provide their hues of soft yellows
To imitate the Radiance thats at her best at noon.
But my deep sky has been caressing a maroon moon
With an orange shine that bleeds onto the stone roads of my Stone City sitting alone
Like a complex thought...
Like a beautiful soul that fought her heart
Until she was pushed over the edge of a cliff...
Well to say I saw her silently slip down to the barren bay made me believe that even the most radiant stars tend to fall
And fall to a deceiving depth, deep down into the darkness.

-I wrote this my Senior year, 2008. Around that time, I liked to link the ends of each piece to the beginning but not make it so obvious. Then I started practicing and focusing on Alliteration and hiding the meaning all together. I learned to use metaphors to show metaphors. Then I learned to use metaphors to show metaphors hidden by other metaphors. Of course I'm the only one who can decipher everything I write, and I like it that way, but it made writing poetry A LOT more difficult. That's what I love. I've grown to hate END RHYME and SIMILIES and DRAMATIC LINES. Anybody can do that and to me, that's what takes away from poetry.

More poetry sooon.

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