The Ugliest.

Today I encountered an older woman who could only leave her house if she was accompanied because "the world is an ugly place".

At first I thought this lady was exaggerating but I started thinking about it more. I can see where she's coming from. Damn near every corner of Los Angeles is grimey and cold and the streets aren't for the weak. Not everybody can walk around with their chest out so the ones who can't must walk every block with a hint of raw fear.

When you wake up in the morning, do you think?
Do you acknowledge the new day and do you know what a NEW day means? It's like-a new day is another paragraph in the novel of your life. The next 24 hours is a chance to back up your thesis statement. The Reader wants to know if the Protagonist is going to maintain or even develop new morals and beliefs.

There's an incredible difference in LIVING A LIFE and LIVING YOUR LIFE.
I do not like publicizing my thoughts on life because they are MY personal grand opinions but, check it... I've always butted heads with my supervisors and managers because I've always liked to do things differently but still get the same results. Why follow the black and white to get black when you can use every single color and get the same result?! You know what I mean?
Not everybody needs to follow the A to B, B to C, C to D method to establish a good life. It's more about how you handle each "letter", in this example, and where it takes you and how far it takes you.

At the moment that you are reading this, YOU are the oldest that you have ever been and the youngest you'll ever be. At this moment, everything you do will have a greatest affect on anything you can develop/establish for yourself later in life.

Every new day should be a new sentence in the current paragraph of your novel. And fuck it, even the greatest of writers Re-write bronze sentences to make them golden. The pencil is what you see in the mirror.

So to be afraid of what roams in the streets is to be afraid of what is in you. Complete yourself before someone/something completes it for you.

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