What I Consider Genius.

The Love Below- Andre 3000

In my opinion, Hip Hop is not about image and "peacocking" and overexagerating lyrics to show off material things. When the Sugar Hill Gang first came out, the sound of what they were doing was FUNKY. It sounded different than anything else out at that time. They used unusual instrument combinations and a light hearted flow. That's what started Hip Hop and that's what Hip hop still is to me. An artist who can conceive a unique sound and combine it with poetic lyrics sounding like nothing else out there.

"The circumcision has already begun

Desensitizing the very thing or thang that brought
you into this motherfucker in the first place.
And when I say "motherfucker" I do mean "motherfucker"
Because Mother Earth is dying and we continue to fuck her to death.
Play with your own score sheet, become the master of your own bation
And yes, God is watching you, but no need to be embarrassed
For the future is in your hands, no the future is in your hand
Play with your own score sheet"

She Lives In My Lap
She's Alive
Dracula's Wedding
Pink And Blue

"In a Claire Huxtable type way..."

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