How do you tell the sheep
that their wool needs to be shaved
except for a small tuft on their tails.
The sheepdog does bark,
and the Shepard shouts commands
But the ones with the wool over their ears
will hear whispers.


I crafted for myself one the the finest cabinets from the wood of a Tropical Rain forest tree.
Each corner was sanded down to the smooth and enriched with 3 layers of a lacquer.
I used a brush with one bristle to emphasize my passion for the cabinetry and with a lick of wax, she shined with even more elegance.
Folded neatly in each of the 4 drawers were my personal belongings disorderly and unorganized, messy and wrinkled because to me it never matter what was on the inside, but how I wore it.
I crafted for myself one of the finest cabinets from the wood of a beautiful Tropical Rain forest tree and carved my initials inside the shape of a key.

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