"Big Things Poppin'..."

You graduate high school and everything has changed. You gotta take care of your damn self now. Your actions affect your life even greater. At this age (18-20) your parents are tired of you. They are tired of your dirty clothes laying everywhere, tired of you eating up all the food, tired of you coming in the house late at night making noise, your friends don't take off their shoes when they come in the house, and you are the significant one that runs all the bills up. Your parents want to make you as successful as can be but you're so hardheaded that you argue back and don't listen to their words of wisdom. But the moment you need $5,$10,$15 you go STRAIGHT to them. They know what's best for you yet you go to your immature friends for advice and shit. You go to those who are doing nothing and have no plans to do anything. I'm trying to tell you that you should ONLY ASSOCIATE YOURSELVES WITH PEOPLE DOING THINGS AS BIG AS YOU ARE OR BIGGER. being 18, you can play the lotto, go to strip clubs, and drive unsupervised but that does not make you an adult. At all. "You're barely getting the Similac of your breath." I'm saying, get your STABLE income. Not a hustle, not a grind. Get your own roof, car and take care of yourself. Your parents love you no doubt but they want you to be more successful than them. Take your education further than they did.

I'm giving my friends ONE year to start making their moves. We graduated June 18th 2008 so by June 19th, 2009- if any of you are still at home, asking parents for money and borrowing their car, getting drunk at some stupid piece of shit house parties, getting high, watching MTV and all that-you won't even be a hommie of mine.

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Gabby said...

Damn, thats true for me too. Im tired of relying on others to help me, thats why im an independent women lol. But yea, what's the point of associating myself with dead beats, when im trying to stay above that. I totally feel u on this one tho.