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Urban Population. 200,000+ people.
Compton, Watts, Willowbrook, Lynwood Metropolitan area.
1.6 Million people.
1 Public Hospital.
1 fucking public hospital.
Why Else?
It's hard to even estimate how many lives are affected by not having the King/Drew Hospital open. Life and Health should always be above money.
When it comes to helping those who need medical attention, the people who can't take care of themselves, money should never be an issue. NEVER!
I'm not really sure why it closed, but I know there is a law suit because the county of LA breeched the contract. Sued for $125 million buckies.
I don't know what is on the Mayor of LA's list, nor the Governors list of shit to do.
But the re-opening of this hospital needs to be a priority. My university is right across the street so I find myself wondering how they could let a hospital close.
If you're reading this, you are most likely a minority. And you live in an Underserved Community. What my university focuses on is giving back to the underserved community. It's not about making dolla's, dolla's, dolla's.
It is more important put ourselves first. When the world starts viewing everyone as a huge universal family, all of our problems will solve theirselves.
When you look in a waiting room of a hospital, you see worried faces.
" Idont give a fuck how much it costs, please, just help my son/daughter."

I've got to be proactive in helping to get this hospital re-opened as soon as possible.

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