Classroom Poetry Week 1/ Eye Of A Needle.

Lets cheat
And advance ourselves, our territories, our politics and our cultures
Not beyond intangible lines of maps and blinking radars
With blimps of potential threats and hazards, but under
The plumbing and foundations of the current Hippocratic future
Forming before our eyes in the forms of excuses due to insufficiency.
The Black Panthers and glamorized boycotts made noise.
We can be discreet.
In the midnight darkness, with ski-masks, we can all be
Leaders or remain immobilized by the current modern stigmas.
These myths and attitudes that have replaced figures of power
And stereotypes must be the first to be thrown out the window.
A mob of black cannot be seen in the 25th hour
But the footprints will remain permanent, suggesting an imminent
Threat to perceptions of our society.
You can believe in Failure or you can believe in Defeat.
The former offers the wisdom necessary to avoid the latter.
What we choose for ourselves to believe is what orchestrates our progression to dominance.
Once pushed to the margins, we will be amongst greater headlines
That will never be printed in order to avoid the chaos of propaganda.
A circus of flames, spreading like wildfire fitting in the eye of a needle, burning every street.
It takes the heart of one matched by a million to engineer a
Movement motivated by thousands of injustices and insufficiency.
The writing on the wall is not graffiti, they are my demands and the corresponding numbers
Are deadlines.
There's no need to fear a system that we can beat.
It's impossible to predict the outcomes of massive unity.
The numbers of them are normal.
The numbers of us can cause panic when we emerge from hidden depths like a black smoke
With advanced territories, education and tactics, unafraid of the common stigma.
Only then will my dream be complete.

Very often, I lose focus in class and stop paying attention. I'll get the grasp of what I need to know for the next quiz and anything else coming up, then completely zone out. I'm going to start writing a quick piece every time I zone out to see what I can come up with in the 2, 3, or even 4 hour class (I have two 4-hour classes). Today I started writing down small phrases quoted from my professor and put them in my own words to keep the topic together.

This is what I am capable of creating in less than 3 hours. I didn't edit any lines, or go back and change something. I think I'll continue to work on this and tweek it a little bit. I don't think I'm finished with this.

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