Scholarship Money For The Win!

This is how you win scholarships for $2000. You gotta come correct, keep it 100. Here's a snippet of the essay I wrote.

My primary reason for pursuing a career in the health care industry is because I feel it is the field I can make the biggest impact in. I have always lived in underserved communities where disadvantaged families struggle to afford the appropriate health care and parents must resort to a lower quality for themselves and their children. I have always felt that one man should not receive a higher quality health care over another man simply because he has more money. I chose to pursue a degree in the health care industry, specifically Charles Drew University, because my mission runs along with theirs. Aimed at providing patient care with excellence and compassion and transform the health in the underserved communities where I am from.

As a Costa Rican, I am proud to represent an underrepresented country through my educational endeavors. I hope to give back to the community by setting a positive example to the youth by volunteering and being involved in mentoring programs especially to those that wish to pursue a career in the health care industry.

(This was one of those "hurry up and snap the damn picture!" kind of smiles)