"Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress."-Nicholas Murray Butler

Strong progress takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I constantly work toward my future and the main reason why I'm comfortable with such hard work is because I'm doing what I love, what I'm passionate about. I've recently inherited more responsibilities and I see the ways in which I've grown throughout the past two years.

I remember seeing my dad having virtually his entire business in his briefcase. Hundreds of papers, the manila folders, ball point pens and business cards all disorganized in this brown leather briefcase. My mom would have her purse and fashion portfolio and it seemed like everything that was important was always in their clutches. I noticed this earlier this week when I was stepping up to my door and couldn't open it because I had my messenger bag, backpack, gym duffle bag and a few bags of groceries.

We are all in charge of our rate of progression and within that, the rate that we grow. Two integral points in life, in my opinion, are sacrifice and priority. Especially now as a full-time college student, in asking myself what grade I deserve, I look at the time I sacrificed and how dedicated I was. There's a quote by someone out there stating "the more you sacrifice, the greater the reward at the end." When you see that "A" at the end of the semester, reflecting on all the "kick-backs" and shit that you missed out on just to study suddenly seems irrelevant.

And then there's priority. It's one thing to acknowledge that school come before anything but it's another to actually put it into affect. My life is in the books, in my poetry, and in the Pharmacy so I don't have time to post up hundreds of pictures on Facebook and shit. I see all of the pictures of my friends that go out for a night and take 300 pictures all in the same position, with the same people-putting up a front as if they're rockstars doing big things. We're college students and the majority of us are broke. Ya'll showing up to the "clubs" in a damn Toyota Tercell with at least 6 cats deep trying to wild out at a FLYER PARTY. SMH.

So progress. Advance beyond what is expected of you. Don't just do what is required of you but exceed the mandatory minimum.

More on this later.

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