Simple Things.

We can all agree that everyone just wants everything to work out, right?

I see too many of my friends putting their entire lives out on Myspace and Facebook updates just for attention. Apparently, everyone's been going through some shit and never know how to deal with it. Thing about it is-it's almost as if they believe its ABNORMAL to face obstacles and tough challenges. It's like they expect to play a perfect game of Monopoly without ever getting sent to jail, landing on someone's property with houses and paying no taxes. In order to pass Go and collect those $200, you've got to play by the dice and head to wherever they take you.

I hate seeing people with shit like "OMG...FML!" Can anything be so serious as to force you to say Fuck Your Life?
"No milk for my cereal...FML"
"Still Hungover...FML"
"Class at 10...FML"

Simple things.
If you want to be apart of the simple things of life, you're going to be respected as a simple minded person. To me, "simple things of life" include activities that don't take you anywhere such as being in a gang/clique, getting "shitfaced" on the weekends, weed...shit like that.
There's more to life than letting something or someone take control of you.

Being in a gang does not take you anywhere nor does it bring you anything but discern for your contemporaries. Unless your gang is bringing in some kind of monthly revenue or some shit, where are you going to go with being a member? Can't put it on a resume and it damn fucking sure does not count as community service. If you want to be loyal, be loyal to your blood family and I don't mean crip/blood family. I mean be loyal to the man who you came out of from conception and the woman who you came out from at birth.

Get to making love and art. Stop wasting time getting wasted.
Stop asking to follow your damn Twitter. Who cares what show you're watching, what fast food is good, or Drake/Lil Wayne lyrics. Shit like this makes me wish Malcolm X had a Twitter:
@MalcolmX:Hey guyz, going on a pilgrimage to Mecca.
@MalcolmX: The Nation Of Islam iz a bunch of H8terz.

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Hard Work said...

Realest blog post I've seen in a minute... I've never understood this whole FML phenomenon... especially when it's nothing that serious...