Can't Stop The Truth!

"I hate when older females think they're "grown" and know sooo much...You're the same as these little 18, 19 year olds...Just older. You do the same shit, and fall for the same niggas...You're all stupid..lol jk, but age really doesn't mean anything to me...idc if you're 19, 26, or 35....If you come off a certain way, I'll treat you a certain way. You're not special just because you're older than me"

-Romel Rose

This man speaks the truth!! And he's younger than me!

I couldn't agree with him anymore. I don't think age has any place in a relationship. You like what I do, what I say, what I look like, how I act, what I don't do, my personality? Well, my age has nothing to with any of those.

My boy Romel "Went IINN!"

My favorite part is "You do the same shit, and fall for the same niggas!"

I see this on my facebook alll day long.

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