True Words!

"My work is unparalleled and this summer is no different... I'm used to always being selfless, so this season has been about me. Self-betterment=inner peace."
-Rickie Ohiri

My man Rickie said it best.

To get to where I want to be, I can't let anyone work harder than me. I have had everything planned out and everything is going smoothly. The end of my plans reach all the way to Summer 2017. Things will (and have) change but having a real good plan is like having a tightly weaved safety net. I have a different outlook on things after each semester.

I can't explain how thin the line is for me dropping my medical career and being a writer 100% from now to forever. I can wake up tomorrow and register for literature courses instead of General Biology or my Molecular Genetics classes. I think about it everyday. Somehow I compromise. I think it's because I don't like getting graded for my work, my poetry.

My point is, I'm following a path, freely, according to how and why I want and not because I'm forced. I'm in full control every morning because I already know how it's going to go. My inner peace comes from advancing and never remaining idle. (And listening to Wu-Tang)


Anonymous said...

This made me smile, and honestly it made me happy to know that some young man out there still has goals and ambitions. Keep moving forward "SI SE PUEDE" :)

Island-Barbie said...

(((woah))) *thumps up* am flying freeeee as well!