I Could Give You So Much More, Make You Feel Like Never Before.

"Slights and insults are the common lot of mankind. The world is so constituted that the good and the virtuous are often subjected to unjust criticism and attack. It is heroic to maintain a balanced mind in such circumstances.

Loss and gain, fame and infamy, praise and blame, pain and happiness are eight worldy conditions that affect all humanity. Most people are perturbed when affected by such favourable or unfavorable states. One is elated when one is praised, and depressed when blamed and reviled. He is wise, says the Buddha, who, admist such vicissitudes of life, stand unmoved like unto a firm rock, exercising perfect equanimity.

Like a lion that does not tremble at every sound, one should not be perturbed by the poisoned darts of uncurbed tongues. Like the wind that does not cling to the meshes of a net, one should not be attached to the illusory pleasures of this changing world. Like the louts that is unsoiled by the mud from which it springs, one should live unaffected by worldly temptations, ever calm, serene and peaceful."

-The Way To Nibbana

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