Poetry Purgatory.

To give you an example of the way I write, I have well over 70 pieces of poetry that are incomplete. I may write down just a couple words or go on for a few lines but never finish a poem in one sitting. The reason I do this is because I can come back to those lines and if I can recall that feeling, then it will be true therefore I can continue. Here are a few lines that are stuck in a sort of "purgatory" until I decide to go back:

Owls don't like it when you pry theier wings open.
Let them sleep and their eyes will see darkness under a glowing moon.

I want a desk to write, alone.
Sunflowers lining the walls.
Master of my imperfect universe.

It seems these days I wake up in a cold sweat
After an unpleasantly cold night.
But it's not the bitter breezes nor the absence of stars...

Too beautiful to notice dragonflies on your hand.

Give me a home with no lights
I barely need running water
Inadequate conditions
But at least I know my father.

It's not always necessary to look in cracks to find bits of mirrors.

I've also been writing short stories that I'll start to share soon.


Island-Barbie said...

iNteRestInG.... ♥

love4life said...

I like your short snippets of poems...it was very intriguing!