Psychology Response.

In every community in society, there are hidden and visible prejudices, de facto segregation, conflicting attitudes, roles, labels and perceptions that generally create tension thus making everyone against each other. There is a common sense of aggression and indifference to strangers everywhere. We have quickly become desensitized and "cold" to those who are unfamiliar.

However much individuality seems to be expressed is only as admission of conformity because we all want to fit in and belong to a group. Being seen as "unique" is often interpreted as odd or strange. Identity is no longer what it used to be. Today, we just want to belong to the popular culture and unknowingly sacrifice individuality. In fact, what becomes of us is deindividuation. We let the contemporary cultures influence our behaviors and appearance. Less attention is given to our futures because society influences us to become "weekend warriors" and avid party goers.

Laid-back attitudes are ubiquitous and are potential plagues for the younger generations. The acceptance of mediocrity has become the popular standard; that which takes more dedication and harder work seems more and more absurd or extraordinary. It is upon our ability to be social that determines how we feel about ourselves. If it seems our contemporaries can only have a good time under an influence then we will undoubtedly join them.


chicoplanet said...

You said that conformity is natural and yet you seem against it. I can sympathize with your ideals because I feel them often, but are they right? My mind does not always agree with my heart, but I think that common sense should prevail over feelings more often than they do. Like I inferred earlier, I don't disagree with you, but I do have skeptics of it inside my head.

Shah said...

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