Lyrics To Go.

"My femme fatale my darling fraudulent angel-
Once caught her changing her batteries in her halo,
Receipt for her wings and everything that she paid for
And the address to the factory where they made those"

-Lupe Fiasco
(Streets On Fire)

"...Bring back Arsenio.
Hip-hop was aborted,
So Nas breathes life, back into the embryo.
Let us make man in our image
Spit it, I'm Huey P in Louis V throwing Molotov for Emmit.
You aint as hot as I is;
All of these fake prophets are not messiahs
You don't know how high the sky is,
The square milage of Earth, or what pi is.
I'm the shaky hand that touched Geogre Foreman in Zaire
The same hand that punched down devils that brought down the towers"
(Queens Get The Money)

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