There Are Two Types Of Life.

Since acquiring new freedom after graduating high school, I've learned there are two types of life. I had my plan, knew what I was going to have and when I would have it. Then I began college and everything seemed to push itself away. Your plans become hindered because that college loan bears interest, your mom can't make decisions for you, you need 60% of tuition paid to begin classes, that girl doesn't love you back, and you went over your minutes on your phone plan.

As a kid growing up, you are often told to focus on a career, what you want to be when you grow up.. Etc.. It's like, you formulate this grand scheme and anticipate it as if it will all be waiting for you when you pick up your High School Diploma. It becomes a paradox once it's embedded in your head that you must grow into an adult with a plan. Life A is what you are in control of. It is where your dreams rest. It is where your motivation is ignited.

Then there is what you cannot control. The outside forces that never cease to knock you down and force you to start all over again. This life exists in pure reckless abandonment. Fuck what you know, fuck what you've heard. This Life B works to destroy your hopes and break you down. It's impossible to avoid it's clutch. Life B wants to strip your of your intangible belongings-your pride, religion and dreams. However, don't we acquire the most valuable lessons through these damn experiences? We learn not to text and drive, we learn to save money, and we learn to be more responsible.

Now that I've made you read all this, I want to tell you that it's all false. Life is composed of Life A and Life B. It's the battleground between the good and the bad. What you must do is fortify your Life A so the malevolence of Life B cannot destroy the foundation. You're forced to prepare ahead to actually get ahead. The most paramount form of survival of the fittest.


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