My Randoms.

I love seeing blocks bombed up like this. It's our art. It's part of what makes L.A. home to us. What I hate is the worthless "34th street Vario" and other gangs crossed out. There's always a mark of creativity and style when unique characters are created through a spray can. Legends are created this way.

I don't like eating breakfast but when I do, blueberry bagels with cream cheese FOR THE WIN! The turkey breast is a bonus.

Can you find 3 things wrong with this picture?
1-Is saggin' still poppin'?
2-Has white denim ever been acceptable?
3-And ol' girl in the HOT (pink) MESS-I took this picture on the Tuesday, on the train, around 3pm. All her nails were the same color too.

It was one of my New Years Resolutions to step my recycle game up. What are you doing with your bottles? I bet nothing, because you're not as koo as me.

Finally! HIP-HOP!!! You know how it's identifiable as REAL hip-hop? BECAUSE POWER 106 WILL NOT BE PLAYING NONE OF THIS! There aren't any club anthems, no damn jerkin'-none of that. Just raw lyrics over heavy beats. Hip-hop.

For sale. Size 9. VNDS. Worn once. Starting at $40.

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