"To Whom It May Concern"

I don't write about love anymore
Because love doesn't write about me.
It seems as if love has neglected to include me in its petty poetry.
We're no longer friends and never see each other, metaphorically.
I speak of love as an enemy and no longer trust its unworthy words.
I don't write about love anymore
Because my last piece was written beautifully
But returned to spoil our unity.
A true dedication can never be rescinded
Suffice it to say those relationships have long ended.
I don't write about love anymore
But I check my mailbox everyday for a letter
Written to whom it may concern and from anonymous
With two addresses which seem to be synonymous.

I rarely write these types of poems. If you've read a lot of my stuff, you might've noticed I don't like using "end rhyme". My poetry usually involves an intricate rhyme scheme and a sexier flow. In my opinion, the end rhyme disturbs the flow as the reader is "directed" to stop after hitting the rhyme. Sometimes I just want to create something when I sit down with my notebook but my intricate poems take too long. I've been working on one for about 2 months now; this one took less than 30 minutes. You feel me? End rhyme poems are not challenging for me, so I challenge myself be creating a unique structure and polysyllable rhymes. I NEED to exhaust the full capabilities of my talent for me to fully love my work or else I feel like Baron Davis on the Clippers.
Hit me up if you'd like me to explain this poem.

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