Hip Hop Talk.

I've never liked the way Jay-Z positions himself as some sort of godfather of rap . To me, he resembles an old retired man sitting in his rocking chair and when the young'ns are making too much noise he has to get get out of his chair and scorn them and bang on the floor with his cane. The fate of Hip Hop does not lie, and never has, in the hands of one person. Hip Hop's fate lies in the in artists' that respect what is real/true and not in what generates the most money. What I do appreciate about Jay is his consistency of putting out good music. This is what he, Eminem and Dre have in common. It's not about quantity but rather the quality. Wayne has consistently been putting out garbage and getting away with it.

My problem with D.O.A. (Jay's new single) is that it's kind of a stab at the 808's. 808's And Heartbreaks is an album that surpasses any other recent hip hop album in many categories. I feel it is completely genius. Hip hop has always been about pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo. Some people watch love movies others eat pints of ice cream to deal with heartbreak but I bump the 808's. "I wish this song would really come true
I admit I still fantasize about you"

Not once have I attempted to defend hip hop when everyone was saying it's dead. I've felt that way before Na$ was shouting that out and before LRG was printing it out on their shirts. Hip hop died around the same time dave chappelle quit. Bullshit artists slutted her out and killed the whole game. We used to not care how many times the rapper was shot or what his career was prior to rapping but now everyone puts out 5 albums about "the trap" and "pushing that baking soda." (btw, I'm tired of all these metaphors for sellin cocaine...coke, dough, baking powder...just say cocaine!)

The way I see it, if I can picture the rap game without the rapper, then they are not hip hop. Like ludacris. I can be happy without him putting out lame ass hits. But eminem-noooo waaay! Who's going to be the white boy shutting up critics and clowning celebrities? Dr. Dre? Noooo, never. Who's going to supply us with the raw beats? Flo-Rida? Get the fuck out of here with that BS. I mean for God's sake-Power 106 is playing "YOU'RE A JERK" !!!

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