"The Lakers Beat The Supersonics"

I was talking to a friend about the criteria that must be met in order for me to have a Good Day.
The main thing I need is a good lunch. My day revolves around lunch. I never have breakfast because I wake up past 9am and ready to leave by 10 which to me- is too close to noon to have a meal. Breakfast past 10am throws everything off and I'm still full around lunch time.

Lunch time is like half time to me. I always eat between Noon and 2pm. Dinner is a toss up.

I LOVE Tam's. Charbroiled burgers For The Win!

The Perfect burrito is carne asada, extra sour cream, no beans, and no onions.

The best juice that you can find at the liquor store/7-11/mini market.

Seeing that my gas meter is close to Empty ruins my day. Laying around the house, lounging around and living a sedentary lifestyle is not for me. I like being busy and having things to do. A good day means I did something. You can catch me at working out at the Manhattan Beach Sand Dune or hoopin' any day of the week.

"Called up the homies and Im askin yall
Which court, are yall playin basketball?"

Everyday I gotta talk some shit to DaVon and Justin and chop it up with Marianne. Random texts are always appreciated.

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J.Ford said...

diet Snapple?