Something Serious To Me.

A topic that is really important to me is gang prevention and also the issue with current gangs. I can't remember a time in my life where gangs were not prevalent. I've lost a few friends to gangs in the sense that they chose to run with other Scum-Bums who've thrown away their life. Being in a gang has never made any logic to me. The progression that one encounters throughout life is what makes it so valuable. Once you initiate yourself in a gang, life from that point on is a plateau without anything remarkable or of true value. In other words, everyday you wake up in square one with nothing to live for but the representation of a deficient gang.

On the flip side, you can choose the path of progression to the point of your own idea of "success". High school diploma to your college degree to your profession to your own steady household in a position where you are content with the full 360 aspect of your life. And in the end, it matters if your mama is proud of you. I know many drug dealers who are proud of themselves so it doesn't matter if you're proud of yourself. IS YOUR MOTHER PROUD OF YOU?

I look at the way we mistreat gays/homosexuals these days, especially in California.* We've taken rights away from gays to marry, they've been fired as teachers, and are always looked down upon. What the fuck? There are about 100 gang members for every 1 homosexual in California (My estimate). The more vulgar lifestyle is the former rather than the latter. So why not take rights away from gang members? Why isn't there as much media coverage on gangs?

Many people argue that choosing to become a homosexual is a sign of mental instability or some shit like that. It begs the question: In what mind state must one be in to instate himself in a gang? What fucking mind state must one be in to instate himself in a gang?! I don't want a crip voting for my president and I don't want my daughter to marry a blood. You feel me? Another argument is that gay marriage goes against the bible. This provokes two arguments. The most important is a little thing called SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE! This legal and political principle is from Americas Constitution. It means our laws cannot be created to preserve the beliefs in any religion. So why the fuck are we taking rights away from gays to marry? My second argument is that there are hundreds of religions in the U.S. and not everyone believes in the same doctrines.

A lot of people I know that claim to be crips don't know the plight of this man, Tookie Williams. He founded the crips in 1971. Tookie published written works, including nine children’s books which address crime, gang issues, and how to build self-esteem. A true follower of the crips should follow what the leader does. Years before facing the death penalty, he denounced the crip gang and worked to prevent gang violence which earned him a Nobel Prize nomination. Real Talk.

*=I used to refer to California as Killa Cali. This is no longer due to the fact the California is facing a budget crisis, passed Prop 8, and is even contemplating of making Weed legal for everyone 21 and over. Fuck all that.

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