My father and I were chopping it for a couple hours last night while waiting for a tow truck. I asked him "why haven't you retired yet? Why are you still working?"

Now-my pops is 82 and is still on his grind. He's a king in his trade and has been his own boss since the day I came out the womb, choking on placenta.

He laughed and said, "work is when you have to arrive to your job everyday on time with someone over your shoulder telling you what to do all day. I love what I do, it's always been my passion and I'm good at it." He told me how I should never do anything out of desperation and shit, always keep on the path to my dreams. He said,"You can be a truck driver for 40 years. And if you suck ONE dick you'll always be known as a dicksucker and not a truck driver."

Popsduke is always dropping knowledge.

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