In Progress.

The feelings that you're seeing are genuine from my heart and I can prove they were genuine from the start but now they wonder as a penguin in the dark because blacks and whites don't symbolize, they harmonize when complexions fail to bond with sensual touch.
In the absence of our chemistry, theories of relativity lose substance and studies of synonymous science becomes slightly smudged.
The author of this fantastically written friction used the sensation of friction to glorify the energy between two in the absence of useless diction.
The vernacular of touch speaks volumes when vocabulary becomes a dormant volcano. When we cannot converse, touch becomes the strongest force on earth when love is depicted as gravity. Those that think they truly teach the technicalities of tangibility don't know that love is translated through touch.
The silence of a stare can never supercede the soft impact of contact even in the absence of sex. The painter of these perfect portraits used deep purples to parallel the passion poets use to personify the perception of physical feeling...feeling...Feeling the force of five fingers forgives the failures of reality and welcomes and unfamiliar fantasy. Seems fair.
Words of wisdom will always conquer over world wars and wasteful fighting with the same passion of a woman's whisper which leads to finger tips uniting.
I have been working on this piece for about 6 months now. There's so much I want to add in terms of a more intricate rhyme scheme and other alliteration. I've come up with about 4 different ways to loop the piece into a unique ending but I'm still not satisfied. Once completed, I'll memorize the whole thing and perform it/record it.

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