"Theres actually alot of colors you shouldn't wear. First of all you're in Bounty Hunter turf and they wear normal red. Wearing red around there wouldn't be bad but if you go anywhere out of that hood you would probably be killed(seriously). I wouldnt suggest red.
You definitely should NOT wear either blue or purple because these are crip colors and once again would get you killed even faster. Other gang colors I wouldnt suggest wearing include: burgundy(bounty hunters beef with all compton pirus), and orange(hoover crips, they beef with BH). Other than these five colors you shouldnt have a problem, although there are many other gang colors(black, navy, green, brown, gold, etc.). I wont lie though, the safest color to wear is white because it is neutral."


Yeah... I'm sure someone younger than me wrote this. I don't know the philosophy of Life, but it sure as hell isn't this. I see it everyday and it's everywhere. This gang shit isn't hidden or anything like that. Like DaVon says: "I see a bunch of wasted potential." I know for a fact that if these little kids out here got into football, especially POLY, the College Football drafts would be more interesting. But now there's no respect for the game at all. But that's not what this is about. I don't even blame kids for perpetuating this gang shit. Blame can easily be distributed to parents, teachers, politicians, etc...But- I like to blame myself and everyone else my age.

Anybody I hang out with, graduated High School with...all of them. All of you. We portray the image of what life forms us into, how it makes us act and think, all in the eyes of those younger than us. It's like- we are, or were, social idols to them. So they try to emulate how we behaved. Why not? If we, as High School Seniors, partied just for the fuck of it and still made it past graduation, why wouldn't they do the same shit? If we have kids at ages 18,19, and 20 and still living for ourselves and not a FAMILY, then why won't they do the same?

I like to look at life as a beautiful painting handed to us at birth. The colors, tones, and shades are all predetermined but we have the power to alter them. We have the paint brush; paint over the reds with a dark purple, add warmth with oranges and yellows, add gray scale with blacks and whites, whatever! It's our canvas, the masterpiece reflects our environment. I don't like having this gang shit on my canvas so I can take heed to the words of Ghandi and Be the change I want to see in this world.

I have more to say on this.

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."-MLKJr.

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