Sabado Gigante.

If you are Hispanic then you already know what this show is about. Don Francisco is possibly the single biggest unifying force of the Hispanic culture since the days of the Spanish Empire. Everyone's grandparents watches this show Saturday nights. I have never been able to sit through an entire show but every time I catch a glimpse, there's some fine ass Hispanic chick swinging her hips or singing. Even my grandma falls asleep before the 3 hour show ends.

I have more respect for Don Francisco than Bob Barker. I actually picked up on speaking Spanish faster through his jokes and comedy. I've barely noticed Don Francisco getting older but the women sure do stay the same age.

I just learned that his real name is Mario Kreutzberger, born in Germany and is actually Jewish. No matter his background, I appreciate how he's created a show that unites every Spanish country. I don't think there is any other show that unites a culture such as this.

Right now, and I think ever-this is my favorite model on the show, Alejandra.


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