Niketalk Truth.

"The thing is, too many people look at the really small picture. "I'm special! I'm a doctor! I can dunk!"... All that BS... Were you like......the first doctor? Did you invent the dunk? Well then sit yo non-special ass down somewhere.. you're an Anybody and an Everybody. Stop thinking you're Somebody. You're not. No one really is. Or at least, there have been VERY view in the history of Man. If what makes you special is the same as what made someone else special, guess what... you're not special. I'm not special because I can rap. Bitch, please... Anybody can rap. Everybody raps. If I'm special, and I doubt that I am, it's because the shit I rap has only been rapped by me. My thoughts are originally phrased, though no idea is original in and of itself."

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J.Ford said...

Lets put that aggin on the next ballot..